e-screen drug testing servicesMany employers have begun implementing drug free policies in the workplace. In order to uphold these policies, employee drug testing is crucial before & during their course of employment with the company. Companies have been constantly adopting these policies in order to decrease the costs of absences, health care & on-site injuries resulting from drug using employees.

As an eScreen approved provider, we have the ability to provide our patients with faster results, using a more convenient and streamlined approach. This ensures employers that their drug testing vendor is using the industry standard, guaranteeing more accurate results.

AFC Urgent Care is able to provide employers with complete, confidential & affordable drug testing services. The available drug testing services we offer include:

  • Pre-employment testing
  • Annual testing
  • DOT testing
  • Corporate testing
  • Random testing
  • Return to duty testing
  • Post-accident testing

Employees are able to visit AFC Urgent Care & get tested with no appointment needed! For more information regarding the drug testing services we offer, please call our center at 516-346-5090.